Foreigners who are looking for cleaning job in Japan

We are lookingf for foreigners who work as cleaning staff with us.

Our job is making action and sympathize with costomer’s problem through claning and building maintenance.

Seijou Sangyou is a company for building claning.
Building cleaning is a fun job that does not require any special skills and can be tackled by anyone as long as they are motivated.
Wherever people live, we produce so much garbage.
Dust is piling up, toilet get dirty, and fallen leaves are dancing .
When we don’t clean these every day, the building will get dirtier and dirtier.
We have a lot of work.
This is a worthwhile that our job makes our customers happy.
In working at our company , we absolutely need to communicate with our customers and colleagues.
Therefore, learning Japanese is required,and we help aboout it.
Let’s enjoy work while studying Japanese language.
Currently, there are many foreigners working at Seijou Sangyou.
Everyone is doing their best.
There are only two conditions: “being motivated” and “studying Japanese language”.
Let’s do our best together.

Buliding Maintenance
Seijyo Sangyo

About Seijo Sangyo

Cleaning・Building maintenance

Our main job is cleaning for offices,shops,hotels,hospitals,and Nursing homes.
We do all kinds of cleaning like daily cleaning or periodic cleaning.

We have been in business for cleaning and building maintenance over 40 years

Shimizu-cho,Shizuoka-ken,where Seijo Sangyo is located,is a town of clear river with warm and rich nature.Also,you can see World Heritage Mt.Fuji on a daily basis.
Local residents are kind, and The town is a peaceful,and comfortable to live in.
Seijo Sangyo has been in business for cleaning and building maintenance over 40 years.
We are looking for 「staff who with a heart」,sympathize with costomer’s trouble,and act for.

Main job description

  • Cleaning for buildings
  • Sanitation management for building environment
  • Hospital infection prevention cleaning
  • Disinfection work(for covid19)

Even an inexperienced person can work with comfortable.

Experienced staff will closely guid you . Even an inexperienced person can work with comfortable. Acquire proper cleaning skill and Knowledge.

We support to get statatus of residence of Specified Skilled Worker No1

We support both of 「Skill level」 and 「Japaese language skill 」 to obtain the statatus of residence of Specified Skilled Worker No1 in the building cleaniing field.
A lot of foreign students and trainees have done training. The training facilities to polish your cleaning skills are equipped at the head office. And we give information to work in japan or learn Japanese langueage.Also we support any procedures

English・Vietnamese・Chinese staff available.

Japanese language skill is required to work in Japan. We support learning language.
We have staff who speak English and Vietnamese. You don’t need feel anxiety for learning communication.


Massage from staff of Seijo Sangyo

Message video from foreign staff who is working Seijo Sangyo, and Japane staff who speak foreign language

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Job informantion (Occupation,Work location,Salary)

Basic information

Required main language at workJapanse language
Required level of Japanese languageJapanese Language Proficiency Test level 4 or higher is desirable.
Even if you do not pass the exam, the same language ability with level4 is OK.
Notes on recruitment

Communication skill for Clients or colleagues is essential for job of building cleaning. The language skill at least have bare meeting with Japanese staff is required.

We check your residece status with your applying.
Depends on the status, you may not allowed to work or be limited working hours.

Job offer

Hospital claning near Sangenchaya station,Tokyo

Job Number0001
Employment statusPart-time job
Work locaionSangenchaya,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
Working hours6:00〜15:00(including break time)
Hourly wage¥1,100〜

Hotel cleaning staff near Gotenba Interchange,Shizuoka-ken

Job Number0002
Employment statusPart-time job
Work locaionGotenba-shi. Shizuoka-ken
Working hours7:00〜16:00(including break time)
Hourly wage¥1,100 to ¥1,300

Villa cleaning, Kamitaga,Atami-shi,Shizuoka-ken

Job Number0003
Employment statusPart-time job
Work locaionAtami-shi, Shizuoka-ken
Working hours9:30 〜 17:00(including break time)
1.5 〜 2hours working with 2person for 1place (example:10:00~12:00)
Woking dayNedotitable
Hourly wage¥1,200


Contact about Job offer

Please fill out the form below with your inquiry and send.
After conforming the details, the person in charge of it will contact ou by email or phone.

Contact us by phone

Phone support is only those who pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4 or have same language ability with level4.

Contact form

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  • After conforming the details, the person in charge of it will contact you. (In some case may take time to reply.)
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